English for International Business

Invitation to the new “ENGLISH FOR INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS I (Intermediate level)” course in first semester 2017


The Graduate School of the Facultad de Economía is offering the English for International Business I (Intermediate level) course. This course is aimed at significantly raising students’ communicational skills in language and functions related to work and business.
The course aims to raise students’ listening, reading and speaking skills to an upper intermediate level (B2), providing increased business vocabulary and guided conversational practice. The development of critical reading skills is also a key dimension (using TOEFL-type material).

The course emphasizes oral production for typical work and business functions in highly dynamic and participative group activities. The course requires out-of-class work of 3 hours per week.

Passing this course offers access to the English for International Business II (Advanced level) course, which will be offered in the second semester of 2017.  As an elective, the course has 6 credits and so it can be validated.

To enroll in this course, students must obtain between 600 and 800 points in the TOEIC-based diagnostic test that will be held in April. The course will be offered in the Sunrise schedule on Wednesdays and classes will commence in May.  The total duration of the course will be 9 weeks.
Classes Start: Wednesday, May 10th
Final Exam: Wednesday, July 05th

Schedule: 07:00 to 10:15 am


TOEIC-based diagnostic test – Sign Up Here


The diagnostic test is online and can be done from any location, from April 10th to 16th. The duration of the test is 1 hour continuous. You can do the test in any computer, but you are advised to do it in a quiet environment and with headphones. It is suggested NOT to do it from cellphones because the test includes readings.
Enrollment process for the course runs from April 17th to 28th 
(e-mail fnorero@fen.uchile.cl)


Regular postgraduate  students: 0 fee


  • Enrollment between April 17thand April 28th the fee for each is: $215.000 (40% discount included)
  • Enrollment between May 01th and May 05th the fee for each is: $350.000 (no discount)