“ENGLISH FOR INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS I (Intermediate level)” course in first semester 2018

The Graduate School of the Facultad de Economia is offering the English for International Business course (Intermediate level). This course is aimed at raising students’ communicational skills in typical language related to work and business, including negotiations and job interviews.

The course aims to raise students’ listening, reading and speaking skills to an upper intermediate level, giving increased business vocabulary and conversational practice opportunities. The development of critical reading skills is also a key dimension (using TOEFL/GRE-type material). The course prioritizes the oral production of typical work and business functions in dynamic participative group activities.

To take this course, students must obtain between 600 and 800 points in the TOEIC-based diagnostic test that will be held in April 2018. The course will be offered in the Sunrise schedule on Wednesdays and classes will commence in May. The duration of the course will be 10 weeks.

Classes Start:  May 2nd.
Final Exam: July 18th.

DAY/TIME: Wednesday 07:00 to 10:15 am.



From April 3th to April 8th


From Monday 9th to Tuesday 17th April


For more information please contact Shary Rodriguez   shrodrigue@postgradouchile.cl



Enrollment until April 24th, the fee is: $215.000 (40% discount)

Enrollment between April 25th and April 30th, the fee is: $350.000 (no discount)

For payment information please contact: tesorero@fen.uchile.cl