Founded in 1934, the School of Economics and Business (FEN) is the oldes and most prestigious in the country. It has contributed to the training of professionals in the fields of economics, managament, business, management control, information systems and auditing, which have contributed to our progress, to the discussion of the country’s issues and to the creation of new knowledge.

With the most important Alumni Network in the country, comprised of more than 15,000 professionals which make up FEN Alumni, our alumni are recognized for their invaluable contribution to the nation both in the public and private sectors and have contributed to the economics development and welfare of our citizens.


“To develop and train competent leaders with solid knowledge and skills in Business and Economics through its undergraduate, graduate, and executive development programs, who are capable of excelling in Chile and abroad; and to build and generate relevant new knowledge in the fields of Business and Economics that contributes to the development and competitiveness of the country and the Latin American region within an environment of academic rigor, excellence, and intellectual diversity. We aim to develop influential players in the national and regional business and economics communities who are able to provide and implement new, practical, and useful ideas for their countries.


“To be one of the top 5 in Latin America and the best State School of Economics and Business in Latin America by 2020 in terms of quality reputation of its programs, graduates, and intellectual contributions and contribution to business and policy practice.”

This challenge must involve all those who work in the FEN and its students. It must ensure standards of quality and learning; As well as an increase in the number and increasing impact on intellectual contributions. An increase should be sought in our students who share the objectives of the University; And finally, to promote the development of a permanent identity with our vision.