Excellence, as one of our values, is present across teaching, research and outreach, and in our students, professors, collaboration staff, and processes.

Our professors have completed their doctorates in the world’s top universities such as Harvard, Columbia, Yale, MIT, Chicago, Berkeley, UCLA, UCL, Oxford, Georgia, Texas, among others.

A portion of our academic staff is made up of former state ministers, former presidents of the Central Bank and figures of great influence in the national arena, most of whom were FEN students.



FEN academics contribute to knowledge creation through their research, publications in international and national media, projects and consultancies, among others.

Likewise, the FEN generates the most relevant reports for decision making and public opinion in the area of economics and business. Some of these reports include CASEN, Global Competitiveness Report (of the IMD), the Employment Report, the Report on Perception and Economic Expectations Survey, and the Monetary Policy Group (GPM), among others.


Through the national and international accreditation processes, the School has assured the quality of its academic activities both at institutional level and in its undergraduate and graduate programs.