The School of Economics and Business promotes a broad view of the world that has been built through a great diversity, heterogeneity, provenance and culture of both its academics and its students. Through the Graduate School have been developed:

  • Programs abroad, MBA, Master in Marketing and Master in Finance in Panama (with QLU).
  • Dual Degree Programs with Tulane University, University of Groningen and Kedge Business School.
  • International Study Seminar, prepared especially to live an academic, business and cultural experience in an international destination like Brazil, Colombia, Panama, United States, Spain and Mexico.
  • International Week, where prominent foreign academics take intensive courses to our students.

The Global Vision of our School is based on the following pillars:

  1. International integration as the most effective path for economic growth and business. In this sense, knowing the international scenario and strengthening the multicultural look is a critical aspect for the graduates.
  2. Students, teachers, professionals and officials represented by all the specters of Chilean society, which contributes a great wealth in terms of values, beliefs, opinions and points of view.
  3. Corporate Social Responsibility, Ethics and Sustainability, fundamental dimensions for business to be carried out in a context of respect for people’s rights, environmental awareness and the sustainability of the planet.
  4. With the aim of promoting diversity in its broad context, the School has promoted, for example, special income mechanisms to ensure the plurality of our students, as well as encouraging professionals from different disciplinary areas to study in Postgraduate