Our Academic Group is the backbone of the Faculty. Teachers are constantly specialization and in permanent process of updating, and gearing their work for training top professionals serving the country and the region. They are grouped in the areas of Administration, Management Control & Information Systems and Economics.

The Department of Administration of the University of Chile has been one of the most prestigious academic and research centers in the region in the areas of Business, Finance, Marketing and Management. Our Faculty was the first of its kind to receive the ICARE Award in recognition for contributing to the development of Management Science to create the Department of Administration and it was the first of its kind (Business School) to receive the award in recognition of ICARE activities in Pro of Rational Business Administration.

Excellence has always been a central part of our work, translated in the generation of knowledge and skills. During 2012, the Department conducted an intensive academic program that achieved excellent results, generating various intellectual contributions both publications in ISI Journals, International and National Journals, Books and Book Chapters in various publishers. Also developed interesting academic research projects, conferences, seminars, workshops and multiple outreach.

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The Department of Management Control and Information Systems (DCS) of the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Chile is dedicated to research and documentation in the areas of Audit, Accounting, Finance, Information Systems, Taxation and Processes.

Since it was created, DCS has been characterized as a unit of academic excellence for the development of disciplines related to his work focused on teaching, research and executive education. Which is reflected in the quality of its students, teachers and the importance of their research.

Our academics play an important role in teaching, research and extension, as well as consulting in the public and private sector. Activities that get them close to the business reality and becomes a training quality label for our students.

DCS constantly monitors the training of leaders capable of generating value in all organizations where they work, through its two undergraduate programs; Executive Education and Graduate Studies, as the Master in Management Control and Master in Taxation.

The steady growth of the Department Academic Management Control and Information Systems (DCS) is due to the constant concern to increase the number of teacher with doctoral level, as well as driving growth supporting their future academic training in leading foreign universities.

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The Department of Economics was founded in 1935 and since then has positioned itself nationally and internationally as one of the schools and most dynamic and prestigious economic research in the country. Historically, it is recognized as a hotbed of prominent economists from the public and private sectors, have been a great contribution not only in the economic sphere but also in politics and the future of the country. Among the graduates include several national authorities (presidents, ministers of state and presidents of the Central Bank of Chile) and international institutions (IMF, World Bank, IDB and OECD).

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