• Internal Scholarships (*): It represents a discount between 35% and 70% of the value of the program according to the percentage indicated by the Academic Committee that will analyze the documentation of each applicant independently. It will be awarded based on academic criteria and socio-economic status assessment. This benefit must be remunerated through working hours in the Faculty of Economics and Business, as research assistants, undergraduate / postgraduate teaching or support in the management. In order to apply for this benefit, a scholarship application must be attached to the application (download form here), at least one month before the official application deadline is closed. The result of the applications for this benefit will be communicated in January (beginning March classes) or June (beginning July classes) of each year.
    (*) Scholarship valid only for the following programs: Master in Marketing, Finance, People Management and Organizational Dynamics, Management Control and Ph.D. in Business Administration, all exclusively in the Full Time version.

  • Scholarship of Academic Excellence: It covers 100% of the tariff (without maintenance, nor passages). Valid exclusively for the programs of the Department of Economics: Doctorate in Economics, Master in Economic Analysis, Economics or Public Policy. More information here.

  • Professor Joseph Grunwald Scholarchip: It covers 100% of the basic rights and fees for the duration of the program. Includes a monthly maintenance fee of 4.5 UF (approximately USD 160, depending on the exchange rate) for the months of classes actually completed, 10 months a year. It will be renewed for the second year of studies as long as the student has a performance of excellence, which means to approve all courses of the program and to have an average of 5.0 or higher. Valid only for Master’s program in Economics. More information here.

  • External Scholarships: For those who want external financing, we offer the following information:

    AGCI Scholarship: : Access the site here. Scholarships that apply:
    – Horizontal Cooperation Scholarship Program – Reciprocity Chile-Mexico 2016.
    – Horizontal Cooperation Scholarship Program – Republic of Chile 2016.
    – Call for Applications for scholarships: Republic of Chile – Nelson Mandela year 2016
    – Horizontal Cooperation Scholarship Program, Republic of Chile – José Martí 2016
    IDB: IDB Scholarship Program funded by the Government of Japan: It is intended for foreigners interested in postgraduate studies in Chile.
    OAS: Access the site here.
    CONICYT: Access the site here.
    SYLFF Scholarships: Access the site here.
    Banco Mundial: Access the site here.
    Konrad Adenauer: Access the site  here.
    LASPAU: Access the site here.
    Fundación W.K. KELLOG: Access the site here.
    Fullbright: Access the site here.
    FANTEL: Scholarships for individuals from El Salvador to study undergraduate or postgraduate studies in universities abroad. Access the site here.

    In addition, CORFO and private banks provide loans. It should be remembered that those who have the sponsorship of some beneficiary, must send the form with the application.


  • Cash payment:  If you pay the entire program in cash, you get a 5% discount on its value. If the applicant receives an early registration discount, 5% is applied to the remaining value of the program, after the first discount. The discount does not apply if the applicant receives a scholarship. Discount valid only for MBA programs, Master in Finance, Marketing, People Management and Organizational Dynamics and Economics (only modalities Evening and Weekend, excludes Panama modality).

  • Payment by credit card:  1 to 3 installments without interest and price counted. Apply 5% discount, whenever the applicant is not a fellow. The applicant can pay in the quotas that his bank allows him, assuming the conditions that this imposes.

  • Documentation with checks: Number of checks according to the duration of the program, without interest (valid only for Chilean postulants).

  • Documentation with letters: Up to 12 letters without interest. To access the method of financing through letters, the applicant must obtain his Chilean identity card (valid only for foreign applicants).


For payment in chilean pesos the fee can be paid directly in the Faculty or via electronic transfer in the following account:

Universidad de Chile
Rut: 60.910.000-1
Account N°67114949
Banco Santander

For payment in USD the fee can be paid directly in the Faculty or via electronic transfer in the following account:

Bank: Banco de Chile
N° de cuenta corriente: 5000-77486-08
Current Account Number: 5000-77486-08
Name current account: University of Chile, Faculty of Economics and Business
ABA: 026005652
Address: Ahumada 251, Santiago, Chile
Contact: Carol Yañez (s)

IMPORTANT: After paying the application fee, send a message notifying payment to or fax (56-2) 29783468, indicating the personal data of the student and the deposit information.