• 1st period: March 2018 – closure of applications last week of december 2017 (*)
  • 2nd period: July 2018 – closure of applications first half of june 2018 (*)

(*) Scholarships applications for each period must be submitted at least one month before the close of nomination indicated above, attaching application form. (Download here). 


Estimated duration: 18 months.
Schedule: Classes Monday to Friday between 8 am amd 6pm.
Location: School of Economics and Business Universidad de Chile, Diagonal Paraguay 257, Santiago, Chile.
Credits program: 108 ECTS.


The Masters in Personnel Management and Organizational Dynamics Full Time is aimed at undergraduate students in their final years of career or recent graduates of related fields or other areas, looking to increase their knowledge in the area of Human Resources to serve as academics, consultants or professionals in the field.


Graduate School of Economics and Business
School of Economics and Business
Universidad de Chile
Admissions Departament
Address: Diagonal Paraguay 205, Corporative Building (Z), first floor.
Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday from 9 am to 7 pm. Friday from 9 am to 6 pm. Continued schedule.
Phone: (+56-2) 2 978 3730


  • Coaching and groupality: This course will equip students to implement coaching in diverse settings and event that demand the company. This programme will assist students to develop new skills to meet increasingly complex life and management challenges and to practice some tools that encourage collaborative work with individuals and teams.
  • Labor relations and business strategy: Give an overview of the Chilean labor institutions on Labour Relations, analyzing in particular the most relevant topics of the moment.
  • Action Research I: Understanding the role of the state and public administration in areas such as the functions of the state and its evolution, and the specificity of public organizations; central government and the strategic planning of organizations; monitoring instruments and performance evaluation to improve organizational management, decision support, contribute to the quality of public spending, people management and decentralization.
  • Organizational Behavior: The main objective of the course is to introduce students to the fundamental topics of organizational behavior. This provide insight in key areas in the domain of organizational behavior like motivation, leadership, teamwork, and organizational culture. The course requires the active participation of students in terms of reading the texts that will discuss in classes.
  • Strategies for organizational change: The course aims to develop a comprehensive understanding of change in organizations as well as the various strategies that allow this to take place effectively, considering the organizational levels. In addition, it emphasizes in the important role that has the HR management of the company in the process of organizational change.
  • Strategic Management Performance and Behavior: The course is designed to provide students with knowledge around the methodologies that are used to job evaluation and performance management to develop an insight about the important of create a structures aligned with the strategy of the organization.
  • Organizational Leadership: The first part of the course considers an experiential workshop where members explore through direct experience, a wide range of interpersonal dynamics that are developed in groups, between groups and in the organization. The second part of the course includes the practice of learning achieved in matters of leadership during the workshop.
  • Action Research II: The purpose of the course is to give students opportunities to develop advanced knowledge in action research methodology in organizations. Action research is used as a powerful methodology to promote professional awareness and development around the changes in organizations, taking in to account, political aspects, values, theoretical, and epistemological methods, this together with the study of quantitative and qualitative methods.
  • Decision making in organizations: This course provides tools for the development of a strategic plan for managing people. The main objective of the course is that students can make an integrated approach to the strategic objectives of the organization and people management needed to implement and achieve these objectives analysis.
  • Organizational Design: The course provides an updated perspective of the major developments of the management thinking, the main organizational design parameters that shape organizational structures, and strategic decisions in organizational design for that is necessary to know organizations, their value compose factors, behavior, performance and conditions.

The total duration of the program is estimated and may vary depending on holidays, calendars, decree changes, and the extent of the thesis or equivalent training activity.


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent professional degree, awarded in Chile or abroad.


  • Study of the background of the applicant by the Academic Council.
  • Test general and logical knowledge.
  • Personal interview.
  • Decision phase which may include admission, conditional admission or non-acceptance of the program.


  • Admission request. Download format here.
  • Original title certificate or university degree and certified photocopy. Foreign applicants must legalize title in the Chilean Consulate in your country of residence and in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Santiago, once based in Chile.
  • Original transcript. Foreign applicants must also submit a certified copy.
  • Ranking position of the university of origin.
  • Applicants for approval of courses must submit detailed curriculum of undergraduate courses submitted for approval (academic curriculum). Each case will be evaluated by the Academic Committee of the program.
  • Photocopy ID or passport in the case of foreign applicants, on both sides.
  • Curriculum vitae.
  • Two letters of recommendation. They are made through an electronic format, so contact details of two work or academic references (name, position or activity, company, address, telephone, e-mail) are requested, who provide the information via the web.
  • Foreign applicants must submit mandatory health insurance.
  • Application fee: $ 50,000 or US $ 100, non-refundable amount. Checks or promissory note must be made payable to University of Chile. (FEN regular UCHILE Students should not pay the application fee).

NOTEThe processing of student resident visa for foreigners may be requested from the country of residence after receiving the letter of acceptance into the program. More information about the process here.


  • Graduate  Students FEN UCHILE:  UF 210* (USD $7.550 as reference)
  • Commercial and Industrial Civil Engineers: UF 265* (USD $9.540 as reference)
  • Professionals from other areas: UF 305* (USD $11.000 as reference)

*Susceptible value change without prior notice.


Internal Scholarship: It is based on academic criteria and evaluation of socioeconomic status. This benefit must be paid through hours of work at the Faculty of Economics and Business, as research assistants, teaching undergraduate / postgraduate or management support. To apply for this benefit must be attached scholarship application by the application program (download form here), with at least one month before the official close of nominations the program. The result of this benefit applications to communicate in January (classes start March) or July (classes start July) each year.

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Graduate School of Economics and Business
School of Economics and Business
Universidad de Chile
Admissions Departament
Address: Diagonal Paraguay 205, Corporative building (Z), first floor.
Opening hours: Monday to Thursday from 9 am to 7 pm. Friday from 9 am to 6 pm.  Continued schedule.
Phone: (+56-2) 2 978 3730