MARCH 2018 for Professional Other Areas

MAY 2018 for Commercial and Industrial Civil Engineers (ICCI)


Estimated Duration: 18 months, plus the graduation project.
Schedule: Classes Friday from 17:30 to 21:30 hrs. Saturdays from 09:00 to 18:00 hrs. Classes twice a month.
Location: School of Economics and Business, University of Chile, Diagonal Paraguay 257, Santiago, Chile..
Credit program: 92 UD.


The Master Accounting is focused on accounting professionals as well as all those professionals involved in the preparation, review and interpretation of economic and financial information that require raising their technical and management skills in organizational accounting. The program integrates topics from various areas associated with accounting, such as finance, taxation and management, all of which, within a framework of adherence to strict professional ethics.

The student who is interested in the Master in Accounting requires theoretical, practical and strategic knowledge to face the complex reality of the management and application of accounting in organizations. The personal characteristics of the student are related to: Commitment, interest and dedication to the program, making it tangible through their participation, pro activity, enthusiasm and motivation and teamwork in the activities and educational methodology of the program.


Graduate School of Economics and Business
School of Economics and Business
Universidad de Chile
Liliana Acevedo
Address: Diagonal Paraguay 205, Corporate Building, first floor.
Opening hours: Monday to Thursday from 9 am to 7 pm. Friday from 9 am to 6 pm. Continued schedule.
Telephone: (+562) 2978 3722 / (+569) 7999 3989 / (+562) 2978 3730
E-mail: –


  • Fundamentals of Accounting: The general objective is to provide students with sufficient skills to understand the structures of the Financial Statements for external use issued by organizations, under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
  • Theory of Finance: This course is a leveling course in the area of finance for those students who do not have the necessary knowledge to perform adequately in subjects of the Master of Accounting that require bases of financial theory.
  • Market and Business Economy: The objective of this leveling course is for students to understand and apply the fundamental concepts of the Information Economy, incentive schemes and corporate governance to the process of decision making in organizations. Specifically, we will focus on situations of asymmetric information and uncertainty.


  • Accounting I: The objective of this course is to provide in-depth knowledge of accounting in relation to the assets of the company, and especially with current assets such as inventories, accounts receivable, held for sale, etc. This approach includes the in-depth theoretical and practical study of international accounting standards (NIC-IFRS) that began to be applied in 2009. This course covers topics of financial accounting focused on accounting and ethical principles.
  • Audit I: Este curso tiene como principal objetivo que los estudiantes adquieran herramientas y conocimientos sobre el funcionamiento de procesos avanzados de auditoría aplicada, bajo un marco teórico, normativo y globalizado. Además permitirá que el estudiante comprenda los principales riesgos existentes en las organizaciones.
  • Advanced Finance: Este curso tiene como objetivo entregar a los estudiantes conocimientos en el área de valuación de inversiones y activos financieros, cubriendo mercados primarios y secundarios. Se estudiarán instrumentos tanto de renta fija como variable e instrumentos derivados.
  • Accounting II: Este curso tiene como objetivo entregar conocimientos en profundidad relacionados con los activos y pasivos financieros de las empresas. El curso además comprende el análisis y aplicación de las normativas contables internacionales (NIC- NIIF- NIC PYME) en el ámbito nacional e internacional.
  • Accounting III: Este curso tiene como objetivo formar al estudiante con conocimientos sobre el tratamiendo de las inversiones en empresas y la presentación de Estados Financieros  Consolidados, considerando las normativas internacionales vigentes en cuando a inversiones que correspondan a combinaciones de negocios y otras inversiones.
  • Decision Making I: El objetivo de este programa es comprender y aplicar la Contabilidad de Costos y su rol como herramienta de apoyo a la Dirección de Empresas, identificando el efecto de la aplicación de las normas internacionales en la determinación de costos y presupuestos.
  • Financial analysis: Este curso tiene como objetivo entregar a los estudiantes herramientas comunes de análisis de estados financieros y la forma de aplicación práctica para llevar acabo: (1) evaluación de resultados anteriores de la organización (2) evaluación de la posición actual de la empresa de la organización (3) predicción de las perspectivas de rentabilidad y crecimiento de la organización (4) evaluación de eficacia operativa de la organización, y (5) predicción de quiebra de la organización.
  • Specialization and Minor courses: The student must enroll in deepening courses for a total of 40 credits. These will be decided in conjunction with the Academic Committee of the program, according to the interests of the student, aggregate demand and market trends. For a deepening course to be taught, the Graduate School requires the minimum participation of 12 students enrolled. In-depth courses offered in the program to date:
    • Advanced Accounting: Derivatives and hedge accounting
    • Advanced Audit: Fraud Detection
    • Advanced Accounting for Management
    • Specific Topics of Taxation
    • Other related topics
  • Graduation project workshop: The objective is to provide support and direction to students and candidates in the preparation and presentation of the Graduation Project (AFE), leading to the degree of Master in Accounting. For this purpose, knowledge is provided about methodological tools necessary for the correct development of the Thesis Equivalent Activity.

The total duration of the program is estimated and may vary depending on holidays, calendars, changes of decree, and the extension of the Thesis or Graduation project.


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent professional degree, granted in Chile or abroad.
  • Minimum of 2 years of work experience.


  • Study the background of the applicant by the Academic Council.
  • Personal interview.
  • Phase decision which may include admission, conditional admission or non-acceptance to the program.


  • Admission request. Download format here.
  • Certificate of title or original university degree and legalized photocopy. Foreign applicants must legalize original title in the Chilean Consulate in their country of residence and in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in Santiago, once settled in Chile
  • Original Certificate of Notes. Foreign applicants must also submit a legalized copy.
  • Those who request the homologation of courses, must present the details of the undergraduate study program of the courses presented for accreditation (academic pensum). Each case will be evaluated by the Academic Committee of the program.
  • Motivation letter.
  • Photocopy of passport or passport in the case of foreign applicants, on both sides
  • Curriculum vitae.
  • Two letters of recommendation. They are made through an electronic format, so contact details of two work or academic references (name, position or activity, company, address, telephone, e-mail) are requested, who provide the information via the web.
  • Foreign applicants must submit compulsory health insurance.
  • Application fee: $ 50,000 or $ 100, non-refundable amount. The checks or vale vista must be extended to the name of Universidad de Chile.

NOTEThe processing of student resident visa for foreigners may be requested from the country of residence after receiving the letter of acceptance into the program. More information about the process here.


  • 430 UF (**) (17.872 USD as reference)

* Susceptible value change without notice.

** Early registration discounts are available.


  • 15% discount FEN alumni
  • 20% discount applicants from regions and foreigners
  • 10% discount U. de Chile alumni
  • 75UF discount for students of the Tax Diplomas, IFRS, Control de Gestión Gerencial, Auditoria Interna, Prevención y detección de Fraude de Educación Ejecutiva
  • 20% discount KPMG


Graduate School of Economics and Business
School of Economics and Business
Universidad de Chile
Liliana Acevedo
Address: Diagonal Paraguay 205, Corporate Building, first floor.
Opening hours: Monday to Thursday from 9 am to 7 pm. Friday from 9 am to 6 pm. Continued schedule.
Telephone: (+562) 2978 3722 / (+569) 7999 3989 / (+562) 2978 3730
E-mail: –