The Master in Accounting, born with the aim of delivering knowledge and tools for accounting-financial management and its impacts. With this the professional will be able to successfully face the challenges that arise in the accounting field, in this context of globalization. This program seeks to provide knowledge on accounting, incorporating the study of current international financial accounting standards, accounting for management and auditing, in turn, also incorporate the knowledge of finance, taxation and ethical discernment that will allow the professional to act highest level of the organization.

At the end of the program, students will have acquired the necessary professional skills that will allow them to successfully face problems of their competence, integrating all the knowledge acquired in the program. This professional will be able to act at the highest level of the organization, advising in the areas of their competence, coordinating, preparing and/or analyzing financial economic information necessary for decision making and control of companies.

As specific objectives, it seeks to provide knowledge on: processes of adoption of accounting regulations, maintenance of information systems on efficient accounting standards for the company, preparation of financial-accounting information useful for decision making of internal and external users of the company. information, will also allow you to provide advice on implementation, application, analysis and control of international accounting standards so that companies comply efficiently with regulatory requirements, making a correct interpretation of the rules in force.

At the same time, practical knowledge will be given to students about the new role that the accounting professional should assume in this company. Considering at all times the professional ethics so questioned and fundamental at present.

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