The MBA Evening program provides its students with the skills and knowledge necessary for successful management and entrepreneurship, contributing to the development of Chile and the world, thus enhancing their professional career.

MBA can be completed in a period of one year or a year and a half through the Evening format. It is an intensive version, with classes in the afternoon, three or four times a week, ideal for those professionals who concentrate their extracurricular activities during the week and spend the weekend for family life and recreation.

The income is divided according to professionals ICCI (Commercial and / or Civil Industrial Engineer) or Professionals of other areas.

We invite you to be part of the UCHILE.

“El MBA UCHILE me aportó conocimientos, estrategia global y me actualizó en temas financieros. Además, el programa fue decisivo para poder llegar a mi posición actual en la empresa.”
Sebastián Arana, Gerente General - 3M Chile
“El MBA UCHILE me permitió entender mejor el funcionamiento de diversos aspectos del negocio. Destaco el profesionalismo de los profesores, y la diversidad de los profesionales que provenían de diversas carreras y empresas”
Renate Flaskamp, Vice Presidenta Médica Latam - Laboratorio GSK