The Weekend MBA program is aimed at dedicate professionals who want to achieve their personal goals with optimism. Future leaders motivated to excel in a highly competitive world. People who are passionate about achieving and put significant effort in everything they undertake.

The program’s goal is to empower these professionals and give them the skills and knowledge necessary for successful management and entrepreneurship, contributing to the development of Chile and the world.

As the name puts the program on weekends, Friday takes place in the afternoon and Saturday twice a month. And his income is divided according to professional ICCI (Business Administration and / or Civil Industrial) or professionals from other areas.

We invite you to be part of the UCHILE.

“El MBA UCHILE cuenta con un cuerpo de profesores con mucha experiencia, lo que me permitió fortalecer y ampliar mi visión respecto a los negocios”
Cristián Darré Fernández, Director Comercial - Daewoo Electronics
“Opté por el MBA UCHILE porque se distingue de otros por su tradición, reconocimiento internacional y excelencia académica”
Mariana Belloni Troncoso, Gerente Comercial - CNG Grupo Alliance Boots