• 1st period: Closing applications on October 31st of each year. It is recommended that those who want to apply for internal and external financing to the program send their application to this date.
  • 2nd period: Closing applications on November 30th of each year. In this process the quotas that are available in the previous process are completed.
  • 3rd period: Ends on January 31 of each year. In this process, the quotas that were available from the previous process will be completed.


Estimated duration: 1 year.
Schedule: Classes during the week, from 18:30 to 21:50 hours.
Location: School of Economics and Business Universidad de Chile, Diagonal Paraguay 257, Santiago, Chile.
Program Credits: 51 UD.


The program seeks to provide solid theorical and practical training, in the areas of Economics and Finance. Graduates of this program have the necessary tools to analyze and understand the various institutional economic market structures that govern the private sector.


Graduate School of Economics and Business
School of Economics and Business
Universidad de Chile
Department of Economics
Address: Diagonal Paraguay 257, Tower 26, 16th floor, ofice #1606.
Opening hours:  Monday to Friday from 9 am to 1 pm and 3 pm to 6 pm.
Phone: (+56-2) 2 978 3410
Fax: (+56-2) 2634 7342
E-mail: –


  • They will be able to apply to the Post title in Economy and Finance for Lawyers who have the professional title of Lawyer and / or the Academic Degree of Degree in Legal and Social Sciences.


  • Study of the applicant’s background by the Academic Council.
  • Decision phase that may include admission, conditional admission or non-acceptance of the program.
  • Acceptance or rejection results will be reported to your email.
  • If you are accepted to the program, you must wait for the issuance and sending by e-mail of an acceptance letter and the financing conditions for each program, it will indicate the total value of the program and the deadlines to formalize its enrollment.


  • Complete application form (click here to open the form).
  • Statement of Purpose. We ask you to write a short essay of no more than 800 words about your interest in the program and what expectations you have about its impact on your professional future.
  • Photocopy of identity card or passport. JPG format. Size 640 x 480.
  • • Two letters of recommendation. At the moment of applying you must enter the requested data of your two advisers. The nomination system will send each of your referrers an email to respond to your letter of recommendation. Be sure to enter the correct data requested from each referrer.
  • Photocopy of identity card or passport.
  • C• Certificate of degree or university degree in original and legalized photocopy for students who did not take an undergraduate course at the University of Chile. Applicants who hold an undergraduate degree from the University of Chile must submit a photocopy of a certificate of degree or university degree. Foreign applicants must present an original title legalized at the Chilean Consulate in their country.
  • Transcripts with its corresponding grade scale.
  • Curriculum Vitae.
  • • Proof of payment application fee: CLP $50,000 or USD  $100, non-refundable amount. The checks or vale vista must be extended to the name of Universidad de Chile. (Regular students FEN UCHILE should not pay application fee).

NOTEThe processing of resident student visa for foreigners may be requested from the country of residence once the letter of acceptance is received in the program. More information on the process here.


  • 150 UF per year

*Value subject to change without prior notice.


  • Payment in installments: Up to 7 installments without interest.
  • Discount for alumni: 10% for alumni of the University of Chile. Those who have the sponsorship of a beneficiary, must send the Sponsorship Form next to the application (it is downloaded at the time of applying).


Graduate School of Economics and Business
School of Economics and Business
Universidad de Chile
Department of Economics
Address: Diagonal Paraguay 257, Tower 26, 16th floor, office 1606.
Opening Hours:  Monday to Friday from 9 am to 1 pm and 3 pm to 6 pm.
Phone: (+56-2) 2 978 3410
Fax: (+56-2) 2634 7342
E-mail: –
Web: (go to website).