Class Schedule

Thursday and Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., and Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (every three weeks)

Program Duration

4 semester


Facultad de Economía y Negocios, Universidad de Chile & AB Freeman School of Business, Tulane University


US $42.000 (without leveling: US $38.000, MBA Alumni: US $24.000)

Early admissions: 25% discount

Limited quotas

About MBA for the Americas

MBA For the Americas is a program that has the seal of excellence and quality of the University of Chile, providing students with a global experience, and taught in conjunction with Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. This program is specially designed and targeted at professionals and executives who work in multinational companies or companies that operate permanently in a global business environment. Its study program provides an integrated formation in finance, marketing, and human resources management, focusing on strategic analysis and decision making in these kinds of companies, covering areas of business such as finance, marketing, accounting, personnel management, strategic management, entrepreneurship. Instruction is provided by an outstanding faculty with doctorates from the most prestigious universities in the world. If you want to further your career with a global approach, I invite you to participate in this program, which will provide you with all the tools you need to achieve the leadership position you are looking for.

Mauricio Jara
Academic Director

Why choose this program?

Dual degree

At the end of the program, you receive two degrees: Universidad de Chile MBA degree, and the Tulane University MBA degree.


The learning methodology is based on specialized readings, analysis, discussion and presentation of cases, and group or individual projects. Participation and discussion in classes are an essential feature of the learning process.

Dedication and commitment

For each classroom hour, at least two hours of personal and team study is required. Personal commitment to the program and to your fellow participants is essential to achieve successful results.

Teaching Staff

There are 18 core courses. 50% of them are taught by Tulane University faculty, and the other 50% by faculty from the University of Chile.

Contact us

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The MBA for the Americas was a very rich learning experience for me. I had very good professors from both the University of Chile School of Economics and Business and the AB Freeman School of Business at Tulane University. They complemented each other very well. My classmates had very strong and related backgrounds that I was able to learn a lot from.

The wide-ranging views of the University of Chile and Tulane University are very well reflected in this program. Participants develop a global perspective, which is essential for us to be able to recognize all processes. Today, companies must generate shared value and that implies having a global perspective. The tools that the MBA for the Americas gave me helped me a lot to develop this broad vision”.

Rubén Alvarado

We are living in a world in which volatility, uncertainty and changes are a constant. Therefore, one must have a great capacity to adapt and stand out in a fully globalized and rapidly changing business environment. It is very important that today’s leaders have this global approach, and the MBA for the Americas provides that. I would highlight having had colleagues from very varied backgrounds and from different countries. I also appreciate the classes with professors from the United States, who have a very different culture and experiences, which greatly expands your way of thinking and finding solutions to various problems.

In the module that we carried out at Tulane University, in the United States, we were able to apply our knowledge and experience with executives from other MBA programs in Dubai, Houston, and New Orleans. Working with them and getting to know their point of view regarding how to do business contributes enormously. I think the MBA for The Americas is a unique program in Chile.”

Felipe Kilian

COO, División Salvador, Codelco.

It has been an excellent experience, I not only value the program content, but also having learned about the main business trends today, especially outside Chile. Although most of it has been online, this factor has not affected my learning. First of all, I would like to highlight the exceptional level of the professors, they are all clearly experts in their field and have a high level of practical experience, which is appreciated when they teach real-life cases. Secondly, I appreciate having had classes with faculty outside of Chile, who teach using new approaches”.

Esteban López

Head of Planning and Management Control, Naviera Chilena del Pacifico.

When I lived in Chile, I looked at several MBA programs and decided on the MBA for the Americas because of its international focus. I learned about business with a global approach, which has served me well here in Japan. In addition, I was able to improve my Spanish and English, thereby generating important connections.

The quality of the faculty from Chile and the United States is very good, and I also value the learning I got from my classmates. I gained a great deal of knowledge about how Chileans and Latin Americans do business, which is very different from how it is done in Japan.

For the final module we traveled to New Orleans, and I worked there with other Tulane University MBA students from countries such as the United States, France, and Colombia. This diversity was a great opportunity to apply my knowledge and experience”.

Nao Munemura

Manager, Japan Overseas Infrastructure Investment Corporation for Transport & Urban Development.

Today, having a global perspective and looking outside the box is essential. This implies knowing how to perform in different cultures and environments. Personally, due to my current position, I have dealings with people from the United States, Brazil, and India, so knowing how to deal with people and having the ability to express your ideas well in these situations becomes a key factor in doing business.

In the medium term and depending on the economic situation of the country, we are looking at going with my family to live in Europe or the United States, so the double degree with Tulane University, without the need for additional validation, will help me position myself better. In addition, there is a significant economic saving associated with carrying out this program in Chile versus the United States”.

María Pilar Pizarro

Sales Operations Chile and Perú, Red Hat

My experience with the program was very good. The program’s international curriculum allowed me to complete my career as an Agricultural Engineer, bringing together my theoretical and practical knowledge. The program furnished me with skills that allowed me to attain and excel in managerial positions”.

Julio Arias

Sales and Operations Manager, Comnay Jingold Chile SPA.

The program was interesting and enriching, helping me to develop critical management skills for business environments, such as Analysis and Strategic Planning, Decision Making, and Team Building. The most remarkable thing about this MBA is the strong international experience, which is reflected in faculty, contents, case studies, and students. All this allows you to grow professionally and personally, for those of us who seek to be more connected with today’s globalized world.”

Javier Santibáñez

HR Principal Brazil, Ecuador and Peru, BHP.

A person who enters the University of Chile MBA is very different from the one who leaves it. The experience has been unforgettable. Outstanding faculty together with colleagues who bring experience from the current business world. The Global vision of the program makes us think and manage resources thinking from outside the “box”.

This program has been a very pleasant experience both personally and professionally. The knowledge acquired is a tremendous added value for the leadership positions that we hold both nationally and internationally. The reputation of the program is very high, being recognized as the best business school in Chile”.

Kamran Abolhassani

Regional Country Manager for Central America.

When opting for an MBA, I had no hesitation in choosing the Global MBA for Americas, due to the double degree with Tulane University- New Orleans USA. The Global MBA for the Americas provided me with excellent international insight from Tulane professors and colleagues of various nationalities, as well as local insight from U. de Chile professors. I highly recommend this program, even more so for those professionals who currently work in multinational companies or are interested in joining some of them”.

Jesús Pérez

Hub Product Marketing Manager – Grinding / ABB


Module I


This course provides students with an analytical framework that allows them to understand the fundamentals and economic concepts for dealing with management problems and decision-making processes. The aim is to develop the skills to use economic reasoning tools to explain, analyze and solve economic problems and evaluate policy decisions.


Provides students with the competencies to understand the structures of financial statements for external use issued by organizations and compliant with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Decision Models

Students will delve into the revision of basic statistical notions and methods used in managerial decision making. The course also reviews fundamental concepts and their practical application to real cases using statistical software programs.

Managerial Perspective

Provides concepts and tools that allow tackling managerial roles solidly and efficiently. Developing a global and strategic perspective will be the priority of this course.

Module II

Management Communications

The course reviews the main concepts of managerial communications and examines them. It also looks at the main problems faced by multinational companies and how they tackled them.

Financial Accounting and Analysis

The objective of the course is to provide students with the tools and concepts of accounting equations and their effects on financial statements. Likewise, emphasis will be placed on the impact of financial and strategic decisions on financial statements, enabling the student to integrate both dimensions.

Module III

Financial Management

Provides a theoretical framework focusing on practical applications for managing corporate finance; understanding the relationship between risk and returns; learning techniques to calculate financial asset present value; understanding the effects of diversification on investment portfolio risk; applying models to estimate the cost of capital investment; and the impact of dividend policy on the value of a company.

Business Strategy

Furnishes students with concepts and tools that allow tackling managerial functions solidly and efficiently, particularly relating to analysis, design, and implementation of strategies.

Module IV

Global Business Environment

This course reviews the strategic and organizational challenges that managers of multinational corporations must face, enabling students to understand how complex it can be to manage an international company. It also explores case studies of strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions.

Marketing Management

Students will develop the skills to analyze, plan, and execute a marketing strategy for international campaigns. The topics covered include managing market research, digital marketing, and consumer behavior analysis processes.

Module V

Organizational Behavior

This course examines the most common challenges facing teams, and how to produce the best results in developing relationships with clients and partners.


Through hands-on workshops, this course provides an in-depth understanding of behavioral and strategic aspects involved in every negotiation process.

Module VI

Entrepreneurship and Business Plans

This course builds students’ capacities to identify and evaluate business opportunities through teamwork. It also includes developing a business plan for a new product, service, or initiative.

Supply Chain Management

This course covers Supply Chain Management concepts, tools, and operational strategies, to enable students to understand the many factors involved in the development and implementation of operation and distribution chains. Students will learn how a value chain can operate efficiently to support corporate and business strategy.

Module VII

International Finance

This course provides a real-world understanding of international finance indicators. It also addresses how companies can obtain financing, make capital budgets, and minimize risk.

Marketing Strategy

This course enables students to develop and implement marketing strategies, covering both digital and traditional marketing tools.

Module VIII

Leadership and Ethics

This course explores leadership and ethics in a challenging and collaborative learning environment. Topics include leadership, ethics and decision-making, resolving disagreements, and differences in point of view between shareholders and stakeholders.

Managing People Internationally

The course aims to provide students with an understanding of how to lead organizations with cultural diversity, including developing strategies to tackle the challenges that can emerge.

Module IX

Corporate Global Strategy

This course looks at developing and implementing global expansion strategies.


This course looks at quantitative tools to solve some of the most common problems found in applied finance, such as calibration of rate structures, derivative valuation, portfolio construction, and risk measurement.

Module X

Topics in Global and Business Trends

The topics discussed in this course include global business, economic and environmental trends. It takes a particular approach to understanding the social pressures, needs and conditions facing companies in Latin America and emerging markets.

International Module

International Study Seminar

In order for our students to live an international training experience, where they can complement the learning obtained in Chile and have a global vision, the MBA Evening considers Colombia an international seminar, and if the student wishes, they can change the seminar to Mexico, Spain, China, England or the United States, paying a convenient additional value. This experience allows students from different programs to meet and interact, making it a great opportunity to generate national and international networks.

International Week

Podrá elegir dos cursos de la Semana Internacional que se realiza dos veces al año.

La Semana Internacional de la Escuela de Postgrado es una instancia en la que profesores provenientes de prestigiosas universidades de Europa, Estados Unidos y Latinoamérica imparten cursos de Management, Estrategia, Finanzas, Marketing y Management Information System.

MBA for the Americas´ Program Schedule 

International Module

Tulane University

Tulane University Module X is held at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. In this module, MBA for the Americas students participate in the “Leadership & Ethics”, and “Managing People Internationally” courses together with EMBA students from New Orleans, Houston, Shanghai and Abu Dhabi. This allows students to benefit from a truly international experience. At the end of the week, the participants attend a closing ceremony where they receive a program certificate. On their return to Santiago, they participate in the graduation ceremony at the University of Chile. The trip to Tulane University is mandatory and is included in the program fees. It covers a full stay in a double (shared) room, as well as transport and meals at class times. It does not include airfares.

Beijing Business Forum

Every two years, in October, TABA China (Tulane Association of Business Alumni) organizes a Business Forum in China, with all graduates of the MBA for the Americas and Tulane University MBA taught in New Orleans, Taipei, Shanghai and Houston. Graduates of this MBA program are present in 81 countries, so participating in this forum is very attractive due to the diversity of cultures it brings together. This forum takes place over a week in Beijing or Shanghai and brings together various figures from the business world. Alongside this, students will have the chance to visit large companies, where their executives will give talks on their businesses. This forum is optional and is not included in the program fees. For more information contact Abena Hill (

About Tulane University

The International EMBA is a double-degree program for Latin American executives who wish to pursue an international degree but aren’t able to attend a full-time program abroad. 23 hours of foundation courses are typically taught by the partner institution, which are transferred to Tulane for graduate credits, and 25 hours of electives are taught by Tulane faculty.

The International EMBA program will enable you to:

  • Develop your cross-cultural leadership and teamworking skills.

Establish networks with a group of executives from different countries to understand the challenges of cross-cultural management and leadership.

  • Gain knowledge and expertise in management and strategy.

Through a hands-on approach, learn by working on projects in strategy formulation and implementation.

  • Gain knowledge and expertise in financial valuation and strategy.

Focused on international firms using a hands-on approach.

  • Enhance your career value

Increase your personal network while obtaining valuable professional credentials.

  • Obtain an in-depth perspective of global markets

This program will provide you with a deep understanding of the dynamics of global markets while having the opportunity of studying in other countries.


Tulane University

Helmut Chávez

Ph.D. in Finance, Tulane University, U.S.A.

Ana Olivos

Master of Science in Organizational Dynamics, University of Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Mauricio González

Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior, Tulane University, U.S.A.

Ashley Nelson

Master of Business Administration, Tulane University, U.S.A.

Louis Marino

Ph.D. in Strategic Management and Organizational Theory, Indiana University Bloomington, U.S.A..

Eduardo Pablo Villimar

Ph.D. in Finance, Tulane University, U.S.A.

Michael Wilson

Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership, Louisiana State University, U.S.A.

Alexander Sleptsov

Ph.D. in Corporate Strategy, University of Michigan, U.S.A.

Universidad de Chile

Mauricio Jara Bertin

Academic Director MBA For the Americas

Doctor en Administración de Empresas, Universidad de Valladolid, España.

Máximo Errazuriz De Solminihac

Magíster en Administración de Empresas, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Chile.

Félix Lizama Garrido

Ph.D. in Information Technology, Monash University, Australia

José Olivares Rojas

Ph.D. in Finance, University of Texas at Austin, U.S.A.

Richard Araya Silva

Doctor of Management, Case Western Reserve University, U.S.A.

Guillermo Ochoa Cisternas

Magíster en Administración (MBA), Universidad de Chile, Chile / Master of Business Administration, Tulane University, U.S.A.

Tadashi Takaoka

Magíster en Gestión de Operaciones, Universidad de Chile, Chile.

Marcelo Reyes Medina

Master of Science in Financial Mathematics, University of Chicago, U.S.A.

Our Students

Admission Profile

MBA for the Americas is specially designed for professionals and executives who work in multinational companies or companies that operate in a global environment. Its study program provides an integrated formation in finance, marketing, and human resource management, focusing on strategic analysis and decision-making in these kinds of companies. The program is aimed at leaders who seek to excel in a highly competitive world, are goal oriented, aim for excellence, and are committed to teamworking, and learning by sharing experiences with others. Our program offers a powerful learning and practice-based experience that will serve as a solid foundation to excel in management positions in multicultural organizations.

Male Students


Female Students


Average Work Experience

12 years

Our students are employed in senior management positions.

In our program, we bring together professionals from different areas of knowledge, so our students can understand differing points of view, have a broader and more critical vision, and develop strategies incorporating different ways of doing business.

Accounting and auditing



Industrial Engineering or Business Administration

Design and Architecture

Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations, Branding

Graduate Profile

Our graduates are expected to have acquired key skills and knowledge to successfully lead multidisciplinary teams. In addition, they are expected to be able to positively impact organizational and business development both nationally and internationally. MBA for the Americas fosters the development of soft skills that are necessary for leading, negotiating, and communicating effectively.

Our MBA provides knowledge in the areas of finance, marketing, human resources, and strategy.

The University of Chile graduate business school has a long track record dating back to 1935, educating many of the leading figures of the country, offering a perfect mix between theory and practice, allowing our graduates to truly understand the applicability of the knowledge that is delivered.



Review of applicants’ background by the Academic Council


Admission test


Written and oral knowledge of English


Personal interview


Upon review of the information submitted, the School determines the suitability of the candidates for acceptance to the program

Application Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent professional title, granted in Chile or abroad.
  • A desirable minimum of 5 years work experience. However, the applicant’s background will also be considered for the fulfillment of this requirement, to the extent that the applicant can make an exceptional contribution to the program.
  • Admission test.
  • Personal interview.
  • Written and oral knowledge of English.

Required Documentation

  • Resumé.
  • College degree (original and notarized photocopy).
  • Original grade certificate.
  • Graduate ranking.
  • Two letters of recommendation (completed in electronic format).
  • Photocopy of identity card.
  • USD 100.00 application fee (non-refundable).

Foreign applicants must additionally present:

  • Notarized copy of grade certificate.
  • Original degree legalized beforehand at Chilean consulate in country of origin, and later at the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in Santiago.
  • Copy of the study program.

Accreditations and Rankings

MBA accredited for 8 years until september 2029.

Accredited by the Comisión Nacional de Acreditación (CNA-Chile). This consists of a quality verification process of degree programs issued by institutions of higher education, based on the criteria established by the respective academic and professional evaluating commissions.

AACSB International Accreditation (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) is the main and most prestigious accreditation institution for Business Schools at an international level, and its recognition represents the highest achievement for Business Schools around the world. Fewer than 5% of the world’s 13,000 Business Schools have obtained the AACSB accreditation. These Schools are well-recognized for producing outstanding graduates.

Accredited for 5 years until 2026.

AMBA is the only Accreditation Agency worldwide that is specific to MBA programs, accrediting only 2% of Business Schools in the world.


University in Chile
Ranking América Economía 2022


Public University in Chile
QS Latin America University Ranking 2022


Public University in Latin America
Top 10 in Latin America
URAP Ranking 2022


Find out about the benefits for our students and alumni

Career Development and Networking


We have one of the largest executive networks in Latin America with more than 20,000 graduates.

MBA for life

In a changing world, it is important to continue studying and acquiring new skills. By offering permanent educational, career, and networking support our University of Chile MBA is a program for life. We offer more than 30 workshops during the year.

International week

Faculty from Europe, United States and Latin America travel to our School to teach courses in Management, Strategy, Finance, Marketing, and Management Information Systems.

International study seminar

Students and graduates can undertake study and exchange programs to different Universities around the world, to live a transformational experience. Destinations change periodically, and have included: United States, China, Spain, Mexico, U.K., and Colombia.

English for international business program

Through this program, the school offers students and graduates the opportunity to learn and improve their applied business English knowledge. The program is divided into three levels, each with a different communication focus, covering key skills required by professionals who work in business and economics. All levels have a common thread of intensively developing listening, pronunciation, critical reading, vocabulary and structural skills pertinent to business.

360º evaluation + coaching session

Feedback to help improve job performance. Evaluation includes all main actors in your work environment, including your superiors, co-workers, subordinates, internal and external clients, among others.

Job opportunities

We have an exclusive job opportunities’ portal for our graduates.

The University of Chile Graduate Business School Entrepreneurs’ Network

 For more information, click here.

Headhunter Meeting

Meetings with headhunters to boost students’ careers.



We offer different payment options and special discounts. For more information on financing and discounts click here. The cost of the program can be changed without prior notice.

Payment methods

  • Option to pay in interest-free installments subject to the duration of the program.
  • Automatic payment subscription option, charged to credit card (PAT).
  • Payment in 12 interest-free installments via webpay (discount does not apply for cash payments).
  • Also, check with your bank account manager for preferential financing options.
  • From abroad:
    1. Via dollar transfer to the bank account. There are charges associated with international transfers that are payable by the student.
    2. With bank cards via Paypal. The treasury must be contacted directly so that the applicable rates are calculated, the service is created, and the corresponding link is sent. The total amounts can be paid all at once or in installments.


  • Information Talk: 3% discount on the fee, for attending the program information talk. The discount is valid for people who attend the event before starting the application process. Check all our forthcoming events here.
  • Cash payment: discount of up to 5% for cash payment (not cumulative and does not apply if you obtain a fee reduction).
  • Special discounts: special discounts for public officials, University of Chile staff, academic merit, and gender equity. For more information click here.
  • Companies: also check with your admission’s executive for special corporate discounts and agreements.
  • Early Application: special discounts are offered for early application

Program start date:  May 25, 2023

  • 60 days early: 25% off
  • 45 days early: 24% off
  • 30 days early: 21% off
  • 15 days early: 17% off

Program start date: August 17, 2023

  • 90 days early: 25% off
  • 60 days early: 22% off
  • 30 days early: 20% off
  • 15 days early: 10% off

Contact Information

University of Chile
Graduate School
School of Economics and Business
Address: Diagonal Paraguay 205, Corporate Building, first floor.
Opening hours: Monday to Thursday, 9:00 a.m. through 8:00 p.m., Friday 9:00 a.m. through 6:00 p.m.
Phone number: (+56 2) 2978 3730


Tulane University
Lenore Mason. Senior Program Coordinator.
B. Freeman School of Business.
7 McAlister Drive, Suite 240/ New Orleans, LA 70118
Phone Number: 504-865-5667 (T)/ 504.862.8770 (F)

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